Science Magic FAQ's

Q:   What printed materials should I have available to students for the e-Lab?


 A:   Students will use PAW (Predict, Actual, Why) reports to document their findings during the e-Lab.  Each student will need 6 blank PAW reports to record observations and explanations.



 Q:  Where does this e-Lab fit best in my curriculum?


 A:   Although curricula vary with each school, this e-Lab focuses on physical science principles in coordination with the scientific method.  This e-Lab would be a great fit as a culminating event to a physical science unit. 



 Q:   What is the minimum and maximum number of students that can participate in  this e-Lab?


 A:   This e-Lab is designed to engage 25-30 students.  However, it is possible to reconfigure the teams should you have a smaller class size.  For classes of more than 30 students, we recommend that you schedule additional e-Labs sessions to maximize students participation and engagement with each other and with the Lab Director.



 Q:  Do I need to purchase any additional supplies for this e-Lab?


 A:   Both the pre-lab and post-lab lessons require the use of common household materials.  Please check out the Science Magic Lesson Plans for more detail.  For the live e-Lab event, the only materials students will need are the PAW reports (6 PAW reports per student.)




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