DNA Lesson Plans

Pre-Lab Lesson Plan:

One, 45-minute class period is required to complete the pre-mission requirements for the DNA e-Lab. The objective of this pre-mission preparation is to become familiar with the details of the crime, to review the victim/suspect files, and to update the Crime Organizers that are provided in the “Printable Mission Materials” section of the website.


Prior to this class period, divide your class into teams and print the following documents (two copies/team):


Eyewitness Organizer


Evidence Organizer


Victim/Suspect Organizer


The students will need the use of computers to complete the pre-mission tasks and their job is to gain as much information as possible and document this information on their organizers so that they are prepared to analyze the crime. Ask the students to access the DNA interface using the following URL:




In the “EVIDENCE” section of the display screen, there are three icons that represent 3 different types of crime information:


News Report: a video that can be displayed for all on a large screen with video/audio output; contains details on the crime and what the authorities know; all details are documented on organizers


Eyewitnesses: four eyewitness reports to be read and information documented


Ransom Note: the ransom note that contains information regarding the motive; to be read and documented


In addition, students will click on the photos of each suspect and each victim to view the profiles and to document more information related to the crime.


Suspect Profiles: 12 suspect profiles are listed to be reviewed; information to be documented


Victim Profiles: 2 victim profiles are listed to be reviewed; information to be documented


Allow the individual teams to collaborate during this information seeking class period. They to determine what information is important. Their task is to document as much information as possible on their organizers and to determine if any suspects can be eliminated. Each team should bring their completed organizers and a list of suspects that can be eliminated to the video conference event.


Post Lab Lesson Plan:

Post Lab Lesson Plan


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