DNA Credits

Mary Beth Criniti - Lead Flight Director, Challenger Learning Center                        

Kathleen FrankAssistant Director of e-missions, Challenger Learning Center

Andrew HarrisonProgrammer, Center for Educational Technologies                                                                                                   

Lori KudlakLead Flight Director, Challenger Learning Center

Cassie Lightfritz - Graphic Designer, Center for Educational Technologies

Liz Meredith – Flight Director, Challenger Learning Center

Robert Moore -   Technology Coordinator, Challenger Learning Center                                                                                                

Chris Ruckman - Programmer, Center for Educational Technologies

Jackie ShiaDirector, Challenger Learning Center

Tamie ShiplettCenter for Educational Technologies


Wheeling Police Department:

Sgt. Douglas Ernest


Wheeling Jesuit University Students:

Halie Cottrill

Zachary Phipps

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