Teacher Comments

The interactive experience is invaluable to the students. This constructivist learning style engages the students and cannot be accomplished using texts.


11:37 AM
I feel the e-Lab helped give students an authentic, hands-on experience of the scientific method.


4:35 PM
My students and I very much enjoyed participating in this e-mission and would love to do more!


4:35 PM

We absolutely loved the e-mission! It was definitely an experience the kids will remember well.

Lisa Price

Crafton Elementary

My students and I really enjoyed this e-lab.  I have a class full of science lovers, and the demonstrations peaked their interest even more.

Liz Demko

St. Theresa School

The pre-lab experiments were great.  They were easy to set up but led to great discussions about observation.  My class really enjoyed the E-Lab too.  The E-Lab was very age appropriate and right at their level.

Gary Schubert

Stroudsburg Int. El. School
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