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The interactive experience is invaluable to the students. This constructivist learning style engages the students and cannot be accomplished using texts.


11:37 AM
I feel the e-Lab helped give students an authentic, hands-on experience of the scientific method.


4:35 PM
My students and I very much enjoyed participating in this e-mission and would love to do more!


4:35 PM

My students enjoyed their e-lab on Newton's 1st Law.  I liked it also as the directors were very accommodating in meeting my specific objectives.  My students and I hope to do more e-labs.

L Kinna


My students were so involved with this program.  They came away with a very good grasp on "moving" inertia and "resting" inertia, two terms I will be using frequently!  I, too, will be looking forward to using your e-labs again!

Cheryl Sherburne

Boone Central

My students and I loved that this e-lab allowed them to actually see Newton's First Law in action versus just reading about it in a science book. The lessons came to life for them which would allow them to retain more of the information.

Fabiola Souffrant

East Stroudsburg Elementary
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