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The interactive experience is invaluable to the students. This constructivist learning style engages the students and cannot be accomplished using texts.


11:37 AM
I feel the e-Lab helped give students an authentic, hands-on experience of the scientific method.


4:35 PM
My students and I very much enjoyed participating in this e-mission and would love to do more!


4:35 PM

This lab was excellent. The kids loved it and were telling each other how awesome the experiments were. They loved the dry ice demonstrations and were very attentive during the lab. They were asking me for other opportunities to work with dry ice and liquid nitrogen. As a Science teacher I would highly recommend the e-labs and am hoping to do it again next year. It was a wonderful experience for the class and myself. Thanks! :)

Stacy Cassady

Stroudsburg Middle School

This was a great lab - We had a difficult time connecting on our end, but thankfully we were able to work that out before our starting time. The students enjoyed this lab and when asked if they would like to do something like this again, they gave an enthusiastic "yes". My students were able to see demonstrations that I would not be able to do here in our classroom so it was very worthwhile.

Laurie Kinna

Anderson School
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